What type of software can be tested?

We are genre-agnostic. If you have something to test in VR or AR, whether it is in games, tools, video, etc., we can help.

Which platforms can be tested?

Any VR and AR platform. Please reach out if you have any specific questions.

How much does it cost to get my app tested?

The initial cost is $39 for one testing round. Everything else is tailored to your project needs. Please reach out for more details.

Are there any requirements to get my software tested?

There are no requirements to get started. It’s recommended to start testing as early and as often as possible to ensure the feasibility and desirability of your product.


Will I get paid if I am a tester?

Most projects provide several types of compensation, including monetary and/or exclusive early access, etc. There are some projects that do not provide compensation.

Please read the offerings carefully to understand how you will be compensated once you complete a testing gig on time. Please reach out if you have any questions before accepting a gig.

You are fully responsible to decide whether the incentive is acceptable for you or not. Projects are worldwide and payments vary greatly.

Are there any requirements to join as a tester?

The only requirement to join as a tester is access to a VR or AR headset. Projects and needs vary greatly, so all kinds of skills, backgrounds, and experiences are welcome. All instructions, software, and guidance will be provided to you once you get accepted into a testing round.