During lifecycle, any application goes through many phases of iterations and test rounds. This test was conducted in February 2020.


  • Receiving client’s requests, defining project goals.
  • Screening test participants, selecting testers, and creating profiles.
  • Creating test plan and tasks.
  • Signing release form (consent form) and NDAs with testers if applicable.
  • Demo test completion, participants’ set up.
  • Playtesting.
  • Questionnaire.
  • Deliverables (vary by project, may include some or all of the following: testers' profiles, tasks, playtest videos (in-VR and in-real-life video recordings), survey results, test analysis report).


Masterpiece Studio has two applications, Masterpiece Creator and Masterpiece Motion, that focus on different parts of the creative process in making 3D content for Games & Animation.

Masterpiece Creator is a sculpting program that allows anyone to easily and quickly create 3D content like characters, vehicles, objects, etc. This content can then be used for many purposes, like being part of a game, being in an animated story, being 3D printed or turned into a 2D illustration.


Determine if the UI and functionality is intuitive, including onboarding and feedback to the user. To discover what can be done to make the UI clearer.

Discover where users get lost, confused or frustrated, to avoid drop-offs. To establish how to properly guide the users and avoid losing them.

Find out if the experience is immersive. Understand what new users are trying to achieve and which features are more accessible and intuitive than others.

Devices requested:
(any of listed)

  • Oculus Rift
  • Rift S
  • HTC Vive
  • Vive Pro
  • Vive Cosmos
  • Valve Index
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality


  • Intuitiveness of functionality
  • Discoverability, UI effectiveness
  • Engagement, level of immersion
  • Potential drop-offs (critical errors)
  • Non-critical errors
  • Satisfaction
  • Task completion rates


Professional 2D Concept Artists, Animators, Storytellers, Illustrators, creative professionals with little to advanced 3D modeling experience.

Methodology and logistics:

Test type: Speak aloud (“commentary on”)

Number of participants: 5

Participant eligibility: via Screener.

Location: remote.

Software, tools, and guidelines: provided by VR Oxygen

Training: Demo test completed.

Participant preparation time: 30-60 min.

Test session time per participant: ~1.5 – 2 hr


  • Explore Masterpiece Creator app speaking aloud and explaining what you see, what you are currently doing and why. (general walkthrough)
  • Use Masterpiece Creator to model an object for your current, past, or upcoming project.
  • Use Masterpiece Creator to model a tree.
  • Use Masterpiece Creator to model a vehicle.

Task duration: 20-30 minutes each.

Total Test duration: 80-120 min.

Test Results Summary:

  • MENU: 5 of 5 participants were confused by the layout, tool labeling, and grouping.
  • TOOLS: 5 of 5 participants had the same feature requests. Liked the same tools. Wanted to have tutorials.
  • BUGS: 3 of 5 participants had bugs and technical problems that prevented them from completing the task.

Key Recommendations:

  • Evaluate the Target Audience and iterate on UI, layout and tools accordingly.
  • Allow to draw freely everywhere, remove bounding box canvas from the default state, make it selective.
  • Create short tutorials or tool explanations.
  • Menu overall: Improve by making more clear labeling, better layout – make buttons more spaced out, and/or grouping buttons and tools in a better more intuitive way.

Participants’ Quotes:

  • ❤ “Mesh creating itself feels amazing. Mesh works and is pretty cool.”
  • ❤ “Water is really cool. Looks like gel”.
  • ❤ “I liked it a lot” (about using Masterpiece Creator in general)
  • ☹ “I’ve got into the state when I can’t draw… Accidentally resumed working. How?”
  • ☹ “Why did it place it there? And why did it switch to the Mesh layer?” (tools, default canvas shape for Clay)
  • ☹ “It only erases one half of what I draw – it doesn’t work for how I am used to draw. Or can I choose how it erases? If I am drawing something with a large amount of detail.” (Mirror and Erase)

Test Report:

Please contact us at breathe@vroxygen.com if you'd like to learn more about our methodology and process, get a full test report sample, or if you have any questions or suggestions.